Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why CCTV?
    Crime is fact of life today and while we all would like to think it won’t happen to use the Facts is it will, it is just a case of when and how prepared you are to handle it when it Happens CCTV(closed circuit television) is one of the most used tools when ot comes to dealing with crime as it is a multipurpose tool that can help as a deterrent and as and aid in gaining a successful identification and prosecution of any offenders.
  • How does it work?
    CCTC will allow you to view and record video and in some cases audio, feeds from multiple cameras to a hard drive much like a computer. You then have a user interface that will allow you to view these feeds and to copy bits of these feeds to a disc that can be supplied to police to help them with the investigation. Basically it is an extra set of eyes that can give an accurateportrayal of any incident that may occur on your premises. Furthermore it can give anaccurate description to police and this is the big benefit when it comes to gaining the successful prosecution of offenders.
  • How much does it cost?
    If you can use a computer then you can use our CCTV systems. We will help you by training you to use the system we implement for you and provide you support and management if your require it.
  • Can I access it remotely?
    Yes we can configure your system to allow this all you need is a high speed internet access at the site where your CCTV system is installed and at the remote site where you intend to access it form. If you require to have your remote site configured to connect to your CCTV system then we can help you with this.
  • Is it secure and safe?
    Yes you will require a username and password to access the system. We can also allow for multiple users if you choose to.